That you didn't know you could qualify for

We help businesses access real bank lines of credit.

- No credit check to apply
- No application fee
- No expensive rates (most lines at 8.5% Prime Rate)
- Monthly payments (not daily or weekly)

February 2, 2024
Huge game changer for my business
Gave me the capital i needed at the perfect time that helped save my retail store in Idaho- shout out Matt for making the process so seamless!
John T
January 30, 2024
fast and simple process...
LOCD's easy application gave us the jolt we required to successfully open a second location.
Kevin G.
Join the thousands of small businesses that activated a cumulative $60 million in affordable bank financing.
Apply online once:
Get access to the best Line of Credit banks have to offer.
We showcase the best qualities of your small business and pair you with the correct bank that best fits your needs.
Access to over 60 banks & lenders to get approved for a Revolving Business Line of Credit.
  • Easily apply online with our application
  • Save time by only applying once to access multiple offers
  • No heaps of paperwork, we assist our clients from start to finish
See Requirements in Your State
The lines of credit vary from state to state. See the requirements before you apply.
Straightforward time saving application
Save tons of time, only fill out one application. It takes about 10 minutes.
Any questions? Drop Us a Line
Sometimes small business owners like to learn more about the available programs before applying.
See an overview of our programs
Find out how a line of credit can specifically help your business. Rates, terms and requirements.
Real Banks. Real Lines of Credit.
Line of Credit Depot has the largest supply of banking partners to provide the best line of credit programs to American small businesses.
  • Much less red tape than traditional process
  • Very little paperwork
  • Speedy process. Takes weeks, not months.
Did you know that each state has different requirements for a Line of Credit?
Find out what the requirements are in your specific state

What State is Your Business Based Out Of?

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Bank Lines of Credit
Getting a bank line of credit can be a lengthy and drawn out process. Line of Credit Depot has taken the guesswork out of applying for a business line of credit. Here is how:
We make the application process much easier and much more effective.
We have centralized and simplified all the needed information to apply for bank lines of credit nationwide. Save time and headache by only having to apply once.
Our system presents eligible banks
Our system uses the data points you entered to find which banks fit your industry, size, and location. This allows our team to more accurately focus on banks that will more likely issue an offer. Not only are you able to receive bank financing faster, but are also able to choose from an array of offers.
We take care of the legwork
Our pre-established relationships with these banks allows us to swiftly push your file through a usually lengthy process.
What’s the Process Look like?
What’s the Process look like?
Why Can’t I just walk into the bank and apply?
What’s the Process look like?
Who is Line of Credit Depot?
What’s the Process look like?
How long does it take to get approved?
What’s the Process look like?
What does my credit score have to be?
What’s the Process look like?
How do I know if my business will Qualify?
What’s the Process look like?
What are the rates?
What’s the Process look like?
Is there an upfront application fee?
What’s the Process look like?
Do I have to pay off existing loans/lines in order to get a line of credit?
What’s the Process look like?
What industries will qualify for a line of credit?
What’s the Process look like?
How much money can I get approved for?

What’s the Process look like?
Does Line of Credit Depot offer anything else besides Lines of Credit?
What’s the Process look like?